Join me live on Thursday

At 8:00 PM CT on September 22nd, come join me as I hang with Romance Happy Hour, a podcast all about romance and answer questions. I’ll also talk about my recent release, A Test of Fayth, and read an excerpt from the book. If you want to see your girl be a little extra when she reads, this is your chance. Also, if you have any burning questions, I will be happy to share.

The live broadcast is available on the Romance Happy Hour Facebook page( or the Romance Happy Hour YouTube channel (

There will also be a giveaway. Want to enter? No probs. It’s easy, go to and follow the directions for the giveaway.

Need a reminder? No worries. RSVP on the events page ( and you’ll get a reminder for when the event starts.

Can’t wait to see you on Thursday.

Check me out: My first podcast interview

Today I spoke to Chelsia McCoy’s Women Winning at Writing hosted by Your Writing Table and it was pretty awesome. She was the first podcaster I’ve ever interviewed with so I was super nervous and excited to talk about my book Indomitable. Talking with Chelsia was like talking to a friend. We ended up speaking about my family and other topics. Check out the full interview on spotify here.

I’m usually such an introvert, but she really made the experience comfortable. This means you all have more podcasts to look forward to. If you have a favorite podcaster whose show you would like me to go on, hit me up. I will try to make it happen now that the bandage is off.

Fall Into These Steamy Short Reads

Your girl has been busy busy busy.

Look at my babies. I’m so excited that their pre-orders are up.

A book cover with a heart shaped dog tag. Title is Heart of a Wounded Hero A Test of Fayth by Melverna McFarlane

First up: A Test of Fayth

Release Date: September 7, 2022


She healed my broken heart, then she ghosted me.

During my twenty years of service in the US Marine Corps, fighting for my country came easy. It was love that brought me to my knees.

Now I have a six-year-old daughter who needs me, but I’m struggling to get past the betrayal that brought her into my life. Her biggest champion is my sexy new neighbor, Fayth, who doesn’t know that once upon a time she used to be my champion, too. Her letters gave me hope that I could find love again.

Out of the blue, she stopped writing, but now that I’ve found her, I’ll do anything to keep her by my side.

There are other great stories by 60+ amazing authors in this collaboration to bring awareness to our military. If you would like to know more about this great project, visit the Heart of a Wounded Hero website.

Book cover of a Black woman in a lime green dress. Title is Caught Red Handed. Book by Melverna McFarlane.

First up: Caught Red Handed

Release Date: October 21, 2022


A Christmas bandit. A mafia bar owner. An unlikely holiday match.

How to live a peaceful life.

Rule Number One: Don’t steal from the mob.

Rule Number Two: In the event that you ignore rule number one…Don’t get caught.

Did Yomaris follow her own amazing advice? Nope.

After robbing a mark of every piece of high-end jewelry and black market artwork he owned, she unknowingly took a necklace steeped in lore. The next thing she knew, her mark moved into her apartment with his dog. On top of that, he informed her that she now belonged to him, and he vowed to take care of his belongings.

His promise certainly made her rebellious lady parts tingle. It was the Christmas season after all and she’d been caught red handed.

Oh, yeah.

Rule Number Three: Don’t have a one-night stand with the guy you robbed.

Too late, Yomaris. Too late