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Book cover featuring dark-skinned black woman. Title of book is Ruthless Enforcer by Melverna McFarlane
Ruthless Enforcer by Melverna McFarlane


Melverna McFarlane loves stories with Happily Ever Afters. After years of characters taunting her imagination with their potential, she decided it was time to write her own scorching hot romances. She moved to America from Jamaica at a young age, and has lived up and down the east coast most of her life. The bitterly cold winter of 2013 was the last straw, driving her back to island life—this time to Hawaii. When not writing, she is reading romance, YA, and Fantasy, country hopping, or vicariously obsessing over other people’s cats (she awaits the day her landlords succumb to the truth: feline domination should be everyone’s goal in life).

She has published three full-length novels and a novella. Check out her debut novel, Inescapable (Oliveri Mafia Book One) available on Amazon now.

Drop her a line, or tease her with pics, vids, and stories of your cats’ antics. She might feature them in her next book.

The real important information:

What habit do you have that makes no sense?

“I always buy foods without any idea what to do with them. Like, what am I supposed to do with bee pollen?”

Why did you transition to natural hair?

“I’m an equal opportunity curl enthusiast. One day I decided to be that enthusiast about my own hair.”

Do you have any recently discovered skills?

“Recently, I realized I am a story / character / plot / drama generator. Give me a theme and I will give you three – four story scenarios. It becomes challenging when I need to narrow my focus for my own stories.”


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