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She healed my broken heart, then she ghosted me.

During my twenty years of service in the US Marine Corps, fighting for my country came easy. It was love that brought me to my knees.

Now I have a six-year-old daughter who needs me, but I’m struggling to get past the betrayal that brought her into my life. Her biggest champion is my sexy new neighbor, Fayth, who doesn’t know that once upon a time she used to be my champion, too. Her letters gave me hope that I could find love again.

Out of the blue, she stopped writing, but now that I’ve found her, I’ll do anything to keep her by my side.

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I fled Jamaica to avoid one gangster only to have another set his sights on me. Now, I have to rely on a whole new breed of mafia man to protect me from this new threat. The price—marriage. He says it’s for my protection, that it will be temporary. I tell him no one can ever find out. With my life on the line, I have no time to play wife to an enforcer with a wicked tongue, who is more deadly than even his boss. But every time I’m around him, he bares another piece of his damaged soul and lights my body aflame.


I’ve lived in darkness my entire life. The day Onika walks through my door, she brings light and warmth like I’ve never had before. When I learn her life is in danger, I take my chance to claim what is mine. I offer her a temporary marriage for her protection. All lies. There is nothing temporary about us, and I will use everything at my disposal to convince her. I will destroy anyone who tries to take her from me. But with more enemies demanding her death, I will have to enter the darkness once more.

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Four years ago, I made one mistake, and she left. I couldn’t convince her to stay no matter how much I loved her. Still love her. But one day she turns up at my door asking for my protection. A rival family is threatening her life and the business she busted her ass for. No matter what unresolved issues lie between us, the heartache I’ve carried, or the dreams I wish were reality, I won’t let anyone threaten her or the family I had always wanted to be mine. I will always protect her. But I am more than just a temporary bodyguard. I have a second chance to show her my love is worth fighting for, and I will claim her completely. With this new chance, she can’t escape the inevitable.


Asking Nico for help is the last thing I want to do. After breaking up with him four years ago, I am not ready to be reminded of all the reasons I fell in love with him, to begin with. Avoiding him becomes impossible when he is still the only man I trust to protect me and my family from a rival mafia boss intent on ruining our lives. His every touch reignites my passions. Though I fight it, and will never admit it, my feelings for my ex had never died. As the heat between us flames to new heights, he tempts me with the possibility of a second chance at love.

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Jessie has sworn off relationships until she can exorcise her secret celebrity crush from her thoughts. More importantly, her fantasies. Crushing on someone rumored to be in the mafia was a red hot no for her. When she comes face-to-face with the man himself, he is more dangerous than she initially thought… and not just to her safety.

Gio Oliveri is the wealthy heir to the dubious Oliveri business empire. Ruthless in business and his personal life, Gio never lets an insult go unaddressed. So when a woman embarrasses him, in his own club no less, he sets out to teach her a lesson, only to set his sights on her friend. After a disastrous first impression, be buys himself three months to woo Jessie, who challenges him at every turn. He has to find a way to keep Jessie before his family responsibilities tear them apart forever.

As he pursues his deepening desire for Jessie, unknown threats to his business and her life begin to appear. In addition to uncovering the mysterious threats, he has Jessie’s misgivings about his chosen profession to contend with. He must find a way to make his temporary relationship permanent.

Exposed to Gio’s mobster persona, Jessie cannot deny the devastating violence he wields so effortlessly and questions if she could one day be on the receiving end. As they navigate their new relationship and the dangerous parties seeking to destroy them, it will take a devastating loss and deep soul searching before they trust each other enough to fight for their love.

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