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A Heartfelt Thank You!

These first two weeks since my book was published have been amazing. For everyone who bought and loved the stories, my heart is filled with joy. The reviews have been amazing, humbling, and energizing. I am already working on book two.

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Jessie has sworn off relationships until she can exorcise her secret celebrity crush from her thoughts. More importantly, her fantasies. Crushing on someone rumored to be in the mafia was a red hot no for her. When she comes face-to-face with the man himself, he is more dangerous than she initially thought… and not just to her safety.

Gio Oliveri is the wealthy heir to the dubious Oliveri business empire. Ruthless in business and his personal life, Gio never lets an insult go unaddressed. So when a woman embarrasses him, in his own club no less, he sets out to teach her a lesson, only to set his sights on her friend. After a disastrous first impression, be buys himself three months to woo Jessie, who challenges him at every turn. He has to find a way to keep Jessie before his family responsibilities tear them apart forever.

As he pursues his deepening desire for Jessie, unknown threats to his business and her life begin to appear. In addition to uncovering the mysterious threats, he has Jessie’s misgivings about his chosen profession to contend with. He must find a way to make his temporary relationship permanent.

Exposed to Gio’s mobster persona, Jessie cannot deny the devastating violence he wields so effortlessly and questions if she could one day be on the receiving end. As they navigate their new relationship and the dangerous parties seeking to destroy them, it will take a devastating loss and deep soul searching before they trust each other enough to fight for their love.

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A friend of mine told me about Black Love Matters. I am excited to attend as one of the most prolific writers of African American romance discusses this topic See below for details. Black Love Matters: Beverly Jenkins and the radicalization of the American Historical Romance.  About this Event: Who: Open to the public whoContinue reading “Join me at a virtual event…”

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